Coaching Tools Explained

Coaching Tools Explained!


Now you too can create workshops,courses, coaching programs, member sites and more!

Becoming a 6-Figure Coach is about being seen as an expert in your niche; and to be seen as an expert, you need the right tools to help your clients reach there goals! 

Click here to Buy NowSub TextNever start from scratch!             Done for you tools that you can BRAND! promo tools to pre-sell your program!                                          tools to host your free webinar! Done for you Webinar Script!      Sales Letters To Sell Your Program!

Here’s a Summary of the Benefits of these Tools


Done for you

Step 1

Tweek the content to make it fit you but you don’t have to start from scratch. No staring at a blank page trying to come up with ideas

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Content is King

Step 1

At your fingertips you’ll have  everything needed to help your clients reach their goals get your business off to a strong start.

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Step 1

Save time and thousands of dollars by not having to hire content writers waiting weeks for it to be done. Fast track your production and scale your business.

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Step 4

Grow your business into a 6-7 figure business. Coach, speak, write books, create on demand content. 

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E-Course creation Just one of several amazing products for coaches

Plan, Produce, and Launch Your New eCourse

4-module course is packed with actionable steps that will

have your eCourse created and launched in record time. Not only that, but I’ve included my top marketing strategies so that your list size is not a factor in your success.

Each module is tightly focused on the exact steps you need to complete to

ensure success, so nothing is left to chance. Simply follow along—or even step in

at the right point for you—and before you know it, you will have an eCourse ready to sell.

Now You Can help yourself and your clients transition into the life you Both have been Wanting

Get past self-defeating habits like procrastination–even if you’ve never been able to get past them before.

✓ Make a commitment to changing what isn’t working for you–and this time, finding what really does.

✓ Determine what’s toxic in your business, your relationships and your own mindset–and what you need to ditch, delegate or simply look at differently.

✓ Gain more emotional energy to deal with everything in business and life (and physical energy if you want it, too!).

✓ Do more with your business–while simultaneously taking more time for yourself.

✓ Experience a massive uptick in gratitude, joy and fulfillment from your business–even if  right now you can’t think of a single reason to stay self-employed.

Our Community Loves Our contentBecause It is So Simple to Use…

Sharpening Your Foresight  

The power of Gratitude

Coach Inspire Excite 

Here are some inspiring ways to use the promo blog and social post included

Use on Facebook Live                      Post in LinkedIn groups                      

Pinterest pins                                                                               Content Promotion Planner  Included!                                                                                                                                                                                 

What else  Is included?


As a life coach, it is essential as a life coach to help
your clients improve themselves. Personal improvement is an important part of  journey for many today. Those that may
struggle to overcome bad habits, and others may want balance between career and
home. Helping your clients as they grow spiritually,
mentally, and physically can be challenging, but your mission is to support them. 

You can support these courageous
individuals on their journey of personal development by extending your coaching
sessions with brandable resources that you didn’t have to write yourself.
You’ll be able to provide your clients with expert guidance to discover new
ways to better their lives.

This content can be used as
an upgrade or sent to your email list. Give it to your clients at the office or
use it as talking points at networking events. Use the handouts to give away at
the end of your webinar or live event. Use these resources to attract new
clients and help existing clients achieve their goals. Combine them to create new coaching courses. Be different then your competition offer more
than an awesome coaching session. Offering extra handouts will let your clients
and prospects know that you care and you are really here for them. Most importantly for the most part… it’s
already done for you! Just put your personal touch on it.

Ready to publish right away
as your own done for you content. No writers block, no low quality content, no
wasting time trying to figure it out. Just download tweek (if you want) brand it as your own and help
your clients! And it’s royalty free.

So many coaches, top coaches
ramp up their business this way. Why shouldn’t you?


here are just a few things you’ll learn and be better positioned to serve Your Clients!

Look like and be the expert your clients need to see you as

How to Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Clients without Chasing Them Down and 7 Ways to Leverage Your Facebook Live VideosTurn Your Knowledge Into a Hot-Selling eCourse with the eCourse Creation Blueprint. How To Easily Plan And Launch Your Own Business…In Just 30 Days!

How to Leverage the Power & Flexibility of Live Video to Grow Your Audience, Build Up Your Brand, and Increase Your Profits!Simplify Your Business–and Pump Up Your Profits!How To Easily Get Publicity For Your Coaching Business… Even If You’re Brand New, And Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising!The Mindset Strategies Top Coaches Use to Move From Overworked & Underpaid to Successful & Financially Free!Get Seen, Get Known + Get Consistent Customers, Clients and Cash–Without Feeling Shady, Sleazy or SlimyHow to Quickly and Easily Create a Hot-Selling Program Your Market Will Happily Pay Top Dollar For!What it Really Takes to Create a Beautiful, Authentic Brand that Attracts Thousands of Really Ideal Clients

Here’s an example of how to use the slide decks          ( powerpoints ) On demand or live video course..

 This is the introduction to one of my course I created taken from my authenticity course

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upscale your sales

Step-by-step instructions to help you design and implement a rock-solid follow-up system that drives sales.